Personal Details:

  • Privacy itself explains the criticality of the word, hence we do believe to keep the data secret whatever you share on our website. We majorly focus on what is to be shared and what is to be not, mentioning we have safeguards to protect the personal information. System is designed in such manner that if any outsider tries to involve in any kind of ir-relevant activity he/she gets laid off.


  • Third party advertisers are also present on our website to take-over the market through but there is no certain information passed on about the user who uses our website. Primarily these advertisements are not meant for particular audience but it is open for all, so there is no need to share the personal information of yours.

Source of communication:

  • We only use the personal information just to make sure that we offer the latest information about our features and products (promotions) rather not focusing on spam. Also these verified name, email id and contact details are meant as a form of communication between “You and Us”.

Deviating Purpose:

  • The personal details which are mandatory for using our website shall be filled out with proper information that should not be junk or unverified accounts. Misleading can cause the termination of the account after having the certain parameters checked.

Third-Party Involvements:

  • If any Third-party asks for the personal details then be rest assured, we got to run our business in a long-run. Hence nobody would like to break their relation with any customers or clients. As the thought goes around “This World is dependent on Trust”. If anything goes wrong please feel free to write to


  • Yes we do give the full security of the details provided to us but if any misconduct happens and after checking all the errors problem is found from users end then users cannot claim about the problem occurred.