A.) You as a ‘User’

  1. We show full faith and trust in our users to upload the best content of their different talents, as the platform is meant for that only.
  2. Also focusing on what gets uploaded on betchos.com, we primarly have a dedicated team to look after the appropriate content for our audiences. Majorly a simple understanding gets involved that if anybody gets offended (realted to a single individual or a group of people) then we will investigate the whole case and give the verdict that is favourable to the situation.
  3. Terms of using our websites doesn’t have much requirement to be fulfilled. But, if there are any changes that will be made then you should give a check on these conditions in a week time or maybe a month. The whole sole function that goes on here is that user should not be limited and should have the liberty to upload there videos, audios and images as per the creativity. Hence, at the end everything will be good if You as a ‘User’ will be great.

B.) What we will ‘Serve’ you

  1. Betchos.com is having a vision to make a good talent reach somewhere in there life. The basic aim is to make sure that we do something for the ones who really makes effort to give their best in specific field. On, other websites if artists upload their videos then people with good talent lack views and audicines. But on betchos.com the target audicine is very easy to find and get because the effort is from both side (you and us).
  2. At the end we will for sure give the best to the users so that everyone indulged in our space get the maximum benefits. Also betchos.com will keep on coming up with new ideas that will be beneficial for our users.